Don Los Cerros Boutique Hotel & Spa - El Chaltén, Santa Cruz, 9301, Argentina

Natural, preserved and wild paradise...

Inside the Natural Reserve area of Los Glaciares National Park

In the confluence of las Vueltas and Fitz Roy rivers

At the foot of the Andes

Surrounded by rivers, lakes and glaciers

Framed by Fitz Roy and Torre mounts granite peaks

There you can find El Chaltén

“At the greatness of Patagonian landscape, where the magic of glaciers, lagoons, lakes and mountains colours are combined with the magnetic presence of Torre and Fitz Roy mounts, Don Los Cerros Boutique Hotel & Spa rises”

Located in lago Argentino district, northern limit of Viedma Lake, in the confluence of las Vueltas and Fitz Roy rivers, in the area of Los Glaciares National Park. El Chaltén town was founded in Viedma Reserve Zone for geopolitical reasons mainly. A hundred hectares of the reserve were used for this purpose, therefore the whole town was part of the protected area, limiting in the South with Fitz Roy river and in the East with Las Vueltas river.

Viedma Glacier, within the park, is the largest glacier in the country, in the past it was believed that the largest one was Upsala, but latest studies show Viedma Glacier is larger with 978 square kms. It is not as popular as Moreno Glacier, because it is far away, but today there are different sailing or walking tours from El Chalten which include the visit. It has some dark lines on its surface which are volcanic ashes embedded in the ice. It is a glacier that suffered several drawbacks but not that important as other glaciers.

The name “Chaltén” came from past inhabitant, called "tehuelches", who called Chaltén - “blue mountain” or “smoking mountain” - to the famous Fitz Roy mount, whose seamless and outrageous shape, which is almost always covered by a cloud, was confused with smoke. This 3,405-msnm Mount together with 3,128-msnm Torre Mount are two of the most difficult mounts to escalate in the world.

Today, expeditions to Ice Field are developed mainly in Viedma Glacier surface and it is visited from beginning to end through its homonymous lake.

Natural greatness around it gives life to this small town based on its tourist activities developed in the Park.